Geoprocessing service with large data set

Discussion created by aroranidh on Sep 6, 2011
Hi ,
I am using a GP service to export the query results to CSV. The GP service works fine at rest end pt, Flex and JavaScript for smaller   data set. Something likes 1000 or 2000 records.
When I try to run it with 40,000 records , the GP service runs fine at rest end point but shows unexpected behavior at Client end pt [ with ArcGIS API for Flex  or with ArcGIS API for Flex] . The  messages.xml file  in jobs folder don???t  show any error as and shows  job is success , but empty CSV is returned
Has someone encountered this kind of error with GP service that for large dataset the service works fine at rest end point, but shows error while using with Client API [ArcGIS API for Flex or JavaScript].