How to customize SOE Operation uritemplate?

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Hi everyone,
As far as I learned, SOE can be thought is composed of Resources and Operations.
Resources, as read only properties, has the following uri format:

while Operations, as methods, has the following uri format:

My question is, is it possible to write a SOE Operation which has a Resource like uri? Such as:

I know it's possible to use UriTemplate to change uri template of a REST service in .NET Framework. Is there something like UriTemplate in SOE too?

Now I want to write a SOE, which is planed to serve ArcGIS API for Javascript/Flex/Silverlight, as an ArcGISTiledMapServiceLayer. Because the request of a tile image must be "....MapServer/Tile/level/row/column", I have to write an SOE Operation which has three parameters, level, row and column. So the uri of the SOE Operation has to be like this:

Specifically to "...MapServer/Tile/x/x/x", is the Tile an REST Operation or lots of sub Resources?

I know there's other way to achieve this, like write custom layer in client api, but for some reasons I need this to be done in SOE.

Any suggestion will be appreciate