Downloading Maps on Ipad

Discussion created by vinese on Sep 5, 2011
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Hi All,

Please excuse my ignorance when related on GIS...  I am a Realtor/ Rural Land Developer - No GIS training or background..

I started using Arc Gis Online about 6 months ago...  Prior to ArcGis Online I used a program called Terrain Navigator Pro to draw out properties.  I still use TNP because it allows me to calculate acreage and the Online viewer doesn't..

After the most recent update of the Arc Gis App it now allows viewing of Map Notes "Property Boundary Drawings" to be viewed on IOS devices.

That represents a huge benefit to Real Estate Professionals such as myself.

I can now draw off the property perimeters and Use the GPS on my ipad to tell where I'm currently located on properties.  I can also use it to show my easily disoriented clients where we are currently located with regard to the property boundaries.

My only problem I Foresee is the lack of Cell reception "In the Field" when downloading maps from the Arc Gis servers.

Is there any way to select a portion of a map and have it download directly to my Ipad's hard drive????

I know there is a program for Android devices that does what I'm speaking of.. It's called Back Country explorer..

If the option doesn't exist I would be eternally grateful to anyone who could recommend it to the ARC GIS developers.

Thanks for reading and any assistance.