Problem with a deployed version of an ArcGIS Runtime Application

Discussion created by Fricke on Sep 2, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 6, 2011 by MBranscomb-esristaff

I developed a little program with runtime and it runs. That???s very nice ;-)

Finally I want deploy the program.
I???m following a step by step introduction.

- Place a copy of the ArcGIS Runtime into a folder to be deployed. (I copied the Runtime400 folder)
- Set the Relative Path of the Package File. ??? I skip this step, I use a service.
- Copy the exe and dependant libraries into the deployment folder ArcGIS Runtime Workshop. I copied my exe.
- From the Start Menu go to ArcGIS>>ArcGIS Runtime Tools
- Select the Deployment Tool. To create a deployment configuration click Create
- Type in a configuration name. Click OK.
- To design your deployment configuration Click Edit.
- Type in a Name and Version number for your new application. Choose whether you wish to deploy the 32 bit or 64 bit ArcGIS Runtime. I choose 32 bit.
- Click OK.
- Click Generate.
- Provide a location for the ArcGIS Runtime to be copied to.
- Click OK.
- A summary of the ArcGIS Runtime will be displayed. Note that it is approx. 133Mb (32-bit) and 171Mb (64-bit) in size for the Core parts of the ArcGIS Runtime. This application only requires the Core components.
- Click OK to complete.
- It takes a few moments for the appropriate ArcGIS Runtime to be placed into this deployment folder. After that I have a new folder with my application.

On another pc my application crash, but a demo application runs.
On my own pc the application works fine.

In my code I use the normal demo license.

I think that the application doesn???t found the runtime, it???s the problem.

So I think I do something wrong. Has anyone experience and could tell me what I do wrong. May be another sample could be help or another introduction.

Thanks and best regards