Location-Allocation as the crow flies

Discussion created by mlou on Aug 30, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 31, 2011 by mlou
I am wanting to do Location-Allocation analysis (minimize facilities) using network analyst, but I need the maximum distance to be as the crow flies, and not a distance down a road in my network.  Currently it works really well, doing what I'd expect it to do, highlighting the minimum facilities I need, however this is all based on a maximum distance down a road.  I need the maximum distance to be a straight line between facility point and demand point, and ignoring the distance traveled down roads.

Is this possible to do, and how?  I don't need my roads, if there's a way to replace them with something else, I've just used them as that's the network I already have.  I'm trying to model sound, so the road traveled is irrelevant.

Does this make sense?

I attempted to make a new network, I created lines radiating out from each facility point (360 lines from each point), however I then needed to split each one as they intersected, and so far the tool hasn't finished running (been several hours so far).  I'm working with about 38000 lines pre-intersect, with many of them overlapping with a number of others.  So I'm not sure yet whether this will work.

I'd appreciate any suggestions :)