Geodatabase modeling and design requirements survey closes tomorrow

Discussion created by dananrg on Aug 30, 2011
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The geodatabase modeling and design requirements survey closes tomorrow (Wed) August 31st at 11:59pm Eastern US time. Thanks to those who've already participated. It's a user-driven survey I helped create in support of the Geodatabase Modeling and Design Special Interest Group (SIG) for Esri's 2011 International User Conference.

I'd love to see more International representation. Most responses are from the US. Qualitative answers (text entries) are more valuable than quantitative ones (check boxes, etc). Please mention specific use cases and anything that would help in your daily work. Skip whatever isn't relevant. The survey isn't just for experts. It's for anyone who designs geodatabases. Of particular interest to me in designing the survey is the integration of Enterprise GDB Design with Relational Database Design and the rest of Enterprise IT.

A summary of survey results will be posted to my blog, http://SpatialDba.com, by October 31st.

Direct survey link:

A review of the 2011 SIG event can be found below. Hope to do another in 2012:
A View of the Geodatabase Modeling and Design SIG Event at Esri�??s 2011 International User Conference