Limits to processing files from a list of rasters

Discussion created by corea on Aug 28, 2011
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I have written a script which selects all files that are within or subset by an area of interest polygon. This works fine but when the file list it's working has more than 150 records it stops comparing the extents after the 150th file. Does anyone know why?

the log files and script are here in googledocs as they are very long.

FileList = is a log of all 450 files which the program uses to iterate through. This is generated by FileList = arcpy.ListRasters()

NoSubset �?? is a log of files which aren�??t subset by the AOI. Note it finishes at 150 when there are 449 files to process

Success-Subset �?? is a log of all files that subset �??note nothing beyond file 150 is processed

Success-Within �?? is a log of all the files within the AOI. 20 files are logged when there should be 54.

The ESRI log clearly shows that it stops processing beyond a certain point. I have included the tbx in the zip.

Any suggestions for improving the coding would be appreciated as well.

Note that I have turned the copy file and subset file functions off and am just using the generated csv's (link to files) as an input to another python script, rather than creating gigs of new files.