WIP - Educational map for the community

Discussion created by aurouriel on Aug 27, 2011
After working last year with openlayers and other library and frameworks, here i'm...into ArcGis !
Well, i did a tour on the API, and look at the sample, looks it will be fitting exactly with our project.

We are a small computer center in south india, related to an international community.
The project is to provide a web mapping aplication where students can include their datas and experiences, directly on  campus locations !!!

So, right now, i had an account on .com and i had created few maps that i want to use for testing purpose. Using ID, i can now include those maps into our prototype files.

But some mysteries are still giving me some hard time, e.g. how to set the map extent, that should limit the pan outside the selected area, i would like to give only a specific area to you have a link for me ? how to fix that ?

Now, i will use that topic to ask more questions in the future.