Mosaicing 8 bit unsigned grey scale jpgs

Discussion created by wesley.king on Aug 26, 2011
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Running ArcInfo license, v10 sp2, Spatial/3D/Geostastical/etc. Analyst extensions.

I have about 10 aerial photos (jpg format) from the early '50s I georeferenced recently.  The georeferencing came out really well, but each jpg is different in appearance so the overall appearance is not very "pretty".  I'm assuming the difference in intensity/contrast/brightness is where the differences in the jpgs are.

I've tried a simple fix of adjusting the intensity/contrast/brightness in Photo-Paint to get a decent match...failed.

I've tried calculatinig statistics and then saving a color map from 1 tile and importing that color map into another tile...failed.

Any ideas on how to mosaic these tiles where they can be as "seamless" as possible????

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