Likes and Nots

Discussion created by Riverside on Aug 25, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 31, 2011 by Riverside
So, I haven't really hit this ext in awhile (so bear with me in my ignorance), but I like the fact that I can maximize the wizard and drag it to another screen.  This is very, very nice.  It also stays on top of everything, so if i launch an Add field while the wizard is open, my Add Field dialog can get hidden behind the wizard which means more button clicks to move the wizard out of the way, this I am not so keen on, especially if I have a setting where my window goes active where my cursor is located.

If I run the histogram tool, it defaults to the first record in the attribute and processes, so if I have a large layer, I can either let it run, or click esc.  it seems like it should not run until I tell it to run.  Is this the expected behavior for Histogram?

i do like that the wizard is modeless, where I can run the wizard and run other tools while previewing all my data, this is another great feature.  More data at the same time, I like this.