silly list question - ProgID type

Discussion created by mike.robb on Aug 25, 2011
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I am very confused as to if a list exists that shows the ProgID (or just blind, lol).

I am more specifically referring to Interacting with ArcMap via vb.net casting to the ObjectFactory.

so in the below link, ESRI states:
"Determine the identifier (ProgID or CLSID) of the component to be created; for example, the FeatureLayerClass type has a ProgID of esriCarto.FeatureLayer. "

Makes sense, except, how does one determine what to put in to the objFactory.Create(
    "esriCarto.FeatureLayer") << HERE.

I have looked at the ProgID list found through other threads such as the one below...

BUT there is no esriCarto.FeatureLayer to be found.
Where is this esriCarto.FeatureLayer documented?  I dont see it on the Object Models either... again, unless I missed it.

I ask because, lets say I want to Cast to create a standalone table... "esriCarto.StandaloneTable"  was a guess, and I was a fluke...
but what about a new featureDataConverter for example?

My question is, is there a list? OR, how does one determine the value to put in objFactory.Create("VALUE HERE - e.g. esriCarto.FeatureLayer )

Thank you