Running Geoprocessing Model in .NET

Discussion created by JacobCoble on Aug 24, 2011
I want to make a user interface for some ArcGIS tools and for some models I made. My idea is to make a user interface in VB.NET that is more customizable than the user interface in the model itself. My model has various parameters and some of these parameters would be available in the VB.NET user interface.

In the ArcObjects SDK, there is an example of running a model as a console application via .NET:


I want to do something similar to this, the difference being that instead of the model running via .NET as a console application, the model would run from ArcMap via a .NET form that would run based on the user input to the form. I know this begs the question about why not use the user interface from the model to begin with, but I really would like to run a geoprocessing tool or model through a custom user interface in .NET. I have seen a few VBA examples but I have not found something close in .NET.