Need ideas, updating old app from dem raster data?

Discussion created by drobbins47 on Aug 24, 2011
years ago i used arc objects with a windows c++ app to extract elevation data from a downloaded dem raster dataset.  at that time i had to paste together multiple downloads to get a seamless dem for a couple of states that we were interested in.  basically all i did was load the selected raster and query points for elevation data.   now i have the chance to update the whole app from scratch and am wondering if there is a better way to go?  i basically have a list of lat/lon coordinates following a track at intervals on the order of hundreds of meters and will need to get elevation data along and at some small distance on either side of the track to calculate ground slope and relative elevation.  it might be nice to render our objects on an arcgis provided map background with the ability to add layers like roads, buildings, and other terrain info, but i can already do that separately if the end user doesn't have arcgis.  an added nice thing would be the ability to access soil electrical and mechanical characteristics.  anyone got ideas, pointers, examples that may be useful?