"Add surface information" - "Sampling distance"?

Discussion created by mrkanister on Aug 22, 2011
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I have some problems with the "Add surface information" tool. I have a drainage network as polyline and a discharge raster layer. When trying to add the mean discharge along the line as attribute to the polyline with that "add surface information" tool the results seem to be biased. It appears as cells with smaller values are getting more weight for averaging then cells with large values. In addition the surface length appears to be more or less random. The coordinate system of both layers is UTM.
I already tried to adjust the sampling distance parameter, however this didn't change much. Also I am not sure which unit this parameter has. Is it meters? Should be with UTM, right? Or is it maybe a multiplier to the cellsize? Unfortunately the tool "help" isn't much of value.
The longer I am working with version 10 of Arcgis the more I am getting the impression ESRI shipped an early beta as "final" version...