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Discussion created by dyun on Aug 18, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 25, 2011 by Riverside
I was trying to share my map as a services to ArcGIS online and got a message stating that I need to contact ESRI to enable publishing hosted maps feature.  Here are exact steps that I performed.

1.  Started ArcMap.  Added Zoning layer and symbolized by zoning code.  Saved the map document.
2.  Clicked on File-> Share as-> Services
3.  Clicked on "Publish a service" choice then clicked next.
4.  I selected "My hosted map" and typed in my user name and password for my ArcGIS online account.
5.  When I clicked the "sign in," a message window came up stating "Your account is not enabled for publishing hosted map.  Please contact ESRI to enable this feature."

I already sent an E-mail to service@esri.com.

FYI, I opened my ArcGIS Online account when it first came out.  I do not remember seeing any option to turn on the "publish hosted maps."  Please advise what I should do.

Thank you,

David Yun