Least Cost Path at 6%

Discussion created by maxac8 on Aug 17, 2011
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Good afternoon,

So, I had to blow the dust off the textbook, but I figured out how to create least cost paths again!

The problem i'm having is that the road we are designing is entering into a valley and they do not want it to exceed a slope of more than 6%.

When performing a least cost path analysis, the result (based on just slope) shows you the best route through the valley based on the slope of each pixel... not the slope you want your road to be.

If you can imagine this, we would like the road to meander up the valley with a slope of 6%.

Is there any way to accomplish this in GIS so that you can minimize the cutting and filling?

Any help would be most appreciated, based on my initial research I have a feeling this can't be done though :(