Trying to Find an Address using ArcPad 10.02 and StreetMap 2010

Discussion created by sommz on Aug 17, 2011
I am using ArcPad 10.02, and Streetmap 2010 on a Panasonic Toughbook with a built in GPS system.

My field staff would like to search for an address, and the only way i can tell to do that is to use Streetmap.  Well technically you could query my parcel layers and search for an address name and number.  But i don't want to do that to my field staff.

I've installed Streetmap, clipped out the area i want to use.  I am able to do routing.  However, there is no option to search for an address.

Clicking the Find Address button only yields three options.

1.  Convert Location to Stop
2.  Convert Location to Barrier
3.  Convert Location to PushPin

And all of those are always grayed out.

I've read the help, and it shows a Find Address option, but i don't have it.

Any idea what i need to do?

Thanks for any help.  I sincerely appreciate it.