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Performance isnâ??t just better, it blew me away!

Okay, so a little history. I wrote a search and insert cursor script in 10.0. I have a table that has 775,138 records with 16 fields. My script looks at one record (specified by the user), takes the values from each field, and adds brand new records that are populated with the values from those 16 fields.

In 10.0, it takes 7 minutes to run this script on my 2 year old machine (this is considered new here) and it takes around 11 to 12 minutes to run the script on our standard machines that are 6 to 7 years old. The full script has to do this four times basically, because I have four different tables. The total run time on all four tables is roughly 28 minutes on my new machine and a whopping 44-45 minutes on the standard machines. I even asked ESRI tech support to check my script to see if I was doing anything wrong, but they said my script was fine and the only thing I can do is wait for 10.1 because of the performance boost. BTW, it took my support analyst 4 minutes to run the script on one table. So yeah, I decided to wait because 45 minutes would not cut it.

So I ran my script (modified a bit) on 10.1 beta using arcpy.da and guess how long it took to run on one of our 6-7 year old machines?

It took 22 seconds!!
This was for one table, but oh my goodness, I practically yelled, â??Hallelujah!â??
Not 7 minutes, Not 12 minutes, but 22 SECONDS!!

Multiply this time by 4 for the four tables and I am guessing it will be under 2 minutes on our older machines! I still need to test this out, but Oh My Goodness! ;)

THANK YOU! This is so AWESOME! Yes, I had to report this excellent news!