Export Raster Data

Discussion created by wgivens on Aug 16, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 2, 2012 by roy_hewitt
Is there a way to duplicate the functionality found when you right-click on a rster layer and choose "Export"?  I'm trying to convert 32 bit images to 8 bit similar to the way you can check the Use Renderer and Froce RGB option in the Export Raster Data window.  I've tried using CopyRaster_management, but the results I get from that tool are incorrect (I get a raster image where all the pixels have the same value:

arcpy.CopyRaster_management("test", "C:/Temp/grids/test_8bit.tif", "", "", "", "", "ColormapToRGB", "8_BIT_UNSIGNED")

I've tried every possible combination of parameters to no avail...