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Discussion created by geostevo on Aug 15, 2011
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I've tried to find the answer to my question on the forums; came close with Frequency Tool...

I'm working with a table trying to do the following:

In one field I have various 3-digit codes. Many of them are duplicates. In another field I have single digit codes. I need to flag cases where there are duplicate 3-digit codes, that also contain different single-digit codes.


[3d]  [1d]  [Flag]
541     9
542     8       !
542     8       !
542     2       !
543     4
543     4
543     4
544     9
545     8

In this case I'm concerned with all rows starting with [542], as that is the 3-digit number where there is a discrepancy between the 1-digit code (for that particular 3-digit code).

Any help is greatly appreciated!!!

Again I came close with the Frequency tool but the Sum function in it didn't quite get me there. I have no problem marking the duplicates of the 3-digit field in a new integer field. It's just dealing with the two part need that's been challenging.