3D Building polygons to a Raster dataset

Discussion created by darren1 on Apr 8, 2010
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Thanks in advance to to anybody willing to help me out here.


I have these two building structures (Washington DC) in two formats: a polygon shapefile (with a height field) and a Multipatch Features (I haven't any luck on using this one).

Current Issue:

My goal is to incorporate one of these two building structures into a raster dataset. I would like to perform a "realistic" urban environment Viewshed Analysis with Spatial Analyst. I also have a multipoint feature class that might work for this too.

I am thinking of a couple approaches here:

Option 1

1. Convert the multipoint feature class to a TIN > convert the TIN into a Raster
2. Building Polygons extrude (height) with ArcGlobe > convert 3D polygon into a Raster (this is where I'm treading on water)
3. Spatial Analyst, Map algebra - merge (boolean operation) the two rasters together

Option 2

1. Convert the multipoints to a Raster dataset and be done with it. I would get the same feel.

Again thanks for the help,