Esri should consider offering low priced, self-paced CBTs as ILT alternatives

Discussion created by dananrg on Aug 14, 2011
Online and in-person ILT classes cost the same. And price many would-be students out of the market. As a hoop-oriented motivational poster exhorts: "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take." I submit: "You miss 100% of the students you don't reach." (source: surprisingly good film port of Economist Steven Levitt's Freakonomics). Sure, there are low cost virtual campus courses and no cost Live Training Seminars. These are welcome, wonderful and have their place in a GIS education portfolio. But they don't match the depth or variety of ILT content.

I created an idea for offering Esri CBTs (Computer Based Training) that mirror the content and offerings of ILTs (Instructor Led Training) on ideas.arcgis.com. Vote for it if you like:


My crystal ball tells me there's peril in the Road Ahead for local, state, and federal government training budgets. CBTs could help level out learning opportunity asymmetries.

To those new to ideas.arcgis.com, here are more ideas that may help those wanting to expand their GIS skills but can't afford ILTs:

Offer ArcGIS for Home at ArcEditor (Standard) license level--not just ArcView (Basic)

Include ArcGIS for Home with Esri Enterprise License Agreements (ELAs)

ArcGIS for Home: Could be a home run?

Publish instructor led training lecture and exercise manuals online in PDF format - ArcSDE, ArcGIS Server, ArcGIS Desktop