SplineWithBarriers: Cannot get it to work.

Discussion created by milton841 on Aug 11, 2011
I have been having fits trying to get SplineWithBarriers to work but to no avail.

My environment:
Windows 7 64 bit
Visual Studio 2010 Team Edition
     Release Version 10.0
     Product Version:
Spatial Analyst License

Should also mention this is C# code.

I have tried all I can think of and everything looks correct except I continue to get an "E_FAIL" exception whenever it is run. I am hoping someone on this forum has done this and is able to point out my problems. Thanks for any and all help.

Following is my full method.

private void DoSplineWithBarriers()
     SplineWithBarriers swb = new SplineWithBarriers();

     IWorkspaceFactory wksFact;
     IFeatureWorkspace featWks;
     IFeatureClass inPtsFC;
     IGeoFeatureLayer geoFeatLyr;

     wksFact = new ShapefileWorkspaceFactoryClass();  
     featWks = wksFact.OpenFromFile("C:\\Workarea\\swb", 0) as IFeatureWorkspace;

     inPtsFC = featWks.OpenFeatureClass("pointsFeature");
     geoFeatLyr = new FeatureLayerClass();
     geoFeatLyr.Name = inPtsFC.AliasName;
     geoFeatLyr.FeatureClass = inPtsFC;

     featWks = wksFact.OpenFromFile("C:\\Workarea\\swb", 0) as

     IFeatureClass barriers;
     barriers = featWks.OpenFeatureClass("barrierFeature");

     Raster outPutRas = new Raster();

     swb.Input_point_features = (object)inPtsFC;
     swb.Z_value_field = (object)"DEPTH";
     swb.Output_raster = (object)outPutRas;
     swb.Input_barrier_features = (object)barriers;
     swb.Output_cell_size = (object)0;
     swb.Smoothing_Factor = 0.0;
     swb.ToolboxDirectory = "C:\\Program Files (x86)\\ArcGIS\\Desktop10.0\\ArcToolbox\\Toolboxes";

     Geoprocessor gp = new Geoprocessor();
     gp.AddOutputsToMap = false;
         gp.Execute(swb, null);

     catch (Exception ex)
         string msg = "";
         msg = String.Format("Exception creating spline:  {0}\r\nStack trace:\r\n{1}",
                                      ex.Message, ex.StackTrace);