best interface with Arc SDE server and Workflow Manager

Discussion created by adele.lee on Aug 11, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 24, 2011 by tbello-esristaff
I have a general question to ask about the best interface for stability into Workflow Manager 10.  History: Currently my organization is still trying to set up a customized JTX off 9.3, but we keep having issues with job creation into JTX. We have a webform that sends xml through code written in C to create jobs in JTX.  We keep having a multitude of problems.  It also seems too difficult with having to have a windows account, an Oracle db account to modify the database we are keeping the information in, having a JTX Workflow account, etc. We are a large organization with a lot of varied needs and IT is intermingled for all departments and my department does not have administrative control or IT dedicated personnel to our server/database parts that we need when the service is operating.

I am really new to this, but we already are thinking about the design to move to ArcSDE for server and Workflow 10. 

Is it possible to have a webform that is output via xml to interface with ArcSDE and Workflow Manager on a server directly to create jobs? If yes, we have heard SOAP and REST as maybe the best lanaguage to write for Arc extensions? We are looking to do more diigence in the design for the 10 upgrade rather than have the IT contractor to just pick a code langauge. If SOAP or REST are the best, are those easy for someone who has some programming knowledge and years of ESRI ArcGIS experience, but does not program everyday?

Thanks for helping a novice.