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Discussion created by ModernGIS on Aug 10, 2011
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  I have a project that I am working on (Putting together counts for all of our equipment in the field on our electric system) and have had some success on using Model Builder for preparing these counts for me. Up until now. I have hit a road block on getting counts on the total number of components that make up a unit assembly for all of the assembly structures in the district. I have all of the data in my file geodatabase - ArcMap 10 - ArcEditor. I've got to the point where I know the total number of unit assemblies that are active in the field.
    Example: C1 (Three Phase Support Structure) = 540
                 G1.2 (Single Phase Transformer) = 234

I'm at a point where I have an output from using the "Summary Statistic" tool to say I have a SUM total of "540". What I want to do is to take another table that has a "Parts List" for each Structure Assembly.

   Example: Assembly Number   Inv Number     Description    QTY
                            C1                5485           Crossarm      1
                            C1                5842            5/8" Bolt      12
                            C1                2548            C-Neck        3

I want to be able to use a tool (or script or python) to calculate the totals for me:
    Example: C1
                    540 Crossarms
                    6480 5/8" Bolts
                    1620 C-Neck

This way - anything that I change in the Geodatabase - Add poles, change the assembly type and/or units in the assembly - all I need to do is to rerun the data model and I get updated total counts.

If anyone has any idea of how I can accomplish this - would be a great help because the way I am doing it now (Export to Excel and calculate by hand and do data entry) takes a long time and if I edit the geodatabase - its a real pain to try to update the spreadsheet to keep it up to date with whats in the geodatabase.

Thanks in advance.