Excruciatingly Slow Geocoding

Discussion created by bokeefe on Aug 10, 2011
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I work for City Government, Tulsa, Oklahoma.
My Geodatabases, SDE, are managed by out IT department.
Twice per week, we get regular updates from another government entity, INCOG.
This is the second time where I believe (but can't pinpoint the reason) the update to the SDE Databases has completely fried the Feature Cache I use.
I think this is what is happening because when I geocode an address and pan to it.
What usually takes roughly 10-20 seconds, now takes 3:45. And I used a stopwatch.

Normally, I type in the address, hit enter.
It says FOUND. I right click and select PAN TO.
20-30 seconds later that location is loaded on screen and ready for me to select parcels.

Now, it can 3:45 seconds to get that entire page loaded.
If I select a Parcel, it takes another 3:45 to load into the Identify window.

So all in all, to verify addresses... what used to take under a minute, can now take upwards of 10-15 minutes. Because sometimes the geocoder get's you CLOSE... so you have to pan the screen... each pan takes 3:45 second.

EACH PAN takes 3:45.

HELP! I'm slowly losing my mind...