Several questions about Moran's I

Discussion created by whisperkennels on Aug 9, 2011
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(1)  I got this error when running Moran's I:

Executing: SpatialAutocorrelation Intersects\Eagle_Winter_Day_NAD83_Intersect_Crown_Bulk_Density cbd_fin false "Inverse Distance" "Euclidean Distance" None # # 0 0 0

Start Time: Thu Aug 04 08:29:03 2011

Running script SpatialAutocorrelation...


000641: Too few records for analysis. This tool requires at least 3 feature(s) to compute results.

<class 'ErrorUtils.ScriptError'>: Exiting....

Failed to execute (SpatialAutocorrelation).

End Time: Thu Aug 04 08:29:09 2011 (Elapsed Time: 6.00 seconds)

There are 2679 records and more than three values for cdb_fin, so I don't understand the error message.

(2) This tool also doesn't seem to recognize raster layers.  Does anyone know of a tool that looks at spatial autocorrelation for raster layers?

(3)  I would think that the layers I'm using for covariates (crown cover, veg type, stand density index, etc) would be spatially autocorrelated.  Is there a way that I can do my analysis to allow for that?