Focal Statistics running to 100% and then hanging

Discussion created by on Aug 8, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 9, 2011 by Dan_Patterson
I am trying to run Focal Statistics "Variety" on a 1m .img classified vegetation cover file (appx 109 sq. km) with a 600m radius circle. It runs very quickly to 100% and then just hangs there for days without ever completing. I've tried running this on other computers with the same result, and on the parent file from which the veg cover was derived from (just masked and reduced from 2 m to 1m) with the same result. I've tried running it in different folders without success.

I'm at a loss, and my project is stuck until I can figure out how to fix this problem, or if there's some other way to get at the same kind of data. Anyone have any suggestions?