Reclassify NoData to 0 - different behaviour in v10

Discussion created by rgreenenf on Aug 6, 2011
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Good day,

A technique that I've used extensively in v9.3 is the Reclassify tool with a single Remap term ";NODATA 0". This keeps all existing values and replaces any NoData cells with 0 (within the Raster Analysis Mask if one is set). It even works on floating point rasters despite the help file indicating the Reclassify output is alway an integer raster!

In v10, however, it does nothing. In order to get it to work, I have to add additional Remap terms for the existing values. So in a simple case where the input raster contains only 1 and NODATA, the Remap terms are "1 1; NODATA 0", which works as expected. But this approach becomes unmanageble when the input raster contains a large number of values and impossible when the input raster is floating point.

So, is the "bug" in the v9.3 behaviour or the v10 behaviour? Regardless, is there another way to approach the requirement of keeping all existing raster values while replacing NoData with 0?

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