"Disable Services Directory" issues

Discussion created by simpsonr on Aug 5, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2014 by jeff.pace
I've got a AGS/Flex app that's been working great for the past year.  I would like to now disable the services directory from being accessible via the browser but would still like all the functionality within the Flex app of the exposed map services of our AGS installation.

Should that be doable?  I've been trying it and I get stream errors on certain operations like "featureLayer.selectFeatures".  If I enable the services directory again, that operations works just fine.  Assuming there are no bugs in the Flex or REST API regarding this... I'm at a loss as to what the good of "disable services directory" is.

I've looked up the REST API documentation on the services directory options and it only mentions how to disable the directory but doesn't explain any best practices or rationale for doing so.

Anyone got some knowledge on this?

Thanks much,