IDataset.Subsets doesnt return FeatureClasses?

Discussion created by syamarth on Aug 4, 2011
HI All,
I want to go through all the Datasets and Featureclasses in a FeatureDataset in a workspace.
for that I used IWorkspace.get_Datasets--- to get the datasets and then I used Idataset.Subsets to get the feature class in the feature dataset. But I noticed that Subsets property never returns the Featureclasses in the dataset. But it returns Relationship classes.
I also tried the 'IFeatureClassContaiiner' to cast onto the IDataset object and then get the IEnumFeatureclass to get all of the featureclasses in that dataset. But it throws some exception at 'Classes.Count' property and got null in IFeatureClass object.
Can anybody suggest how to log through all the feature classes and tables etc., in a workspace from ArcCatalog?