Creating an add-in to display formatted non-spatial SQL-based tables

Discussion created by abrown31 on Aug 4, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 8, 2011 by abrown31
I would like to display chemical data for sampling locations (points) on a figure. Right now, all of the data is stored in a non-spatial SQL instance, accessible by the OLEDB connection.

How would one design an ArcMap add-in that would allow the user to query data, put it in a table, format the table, and then display it on a map at their respective locations?

After the table gets formatted, would it be placed into the document as an image, or as some sort of "object"?

Right now, we do everything in Excel and paste the tables in as images, and let's just say it's very time consuming and very prone to human error. We would like to automate the process, at least most of it.

Does anybody have any tips/experience?

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