Oneway set up

Discussion created by krobins79 on Aug 4, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2011 by jborgion

I'm trying to set up my streets into a network.  I've figured everything out but the oneway restriction.  I'm really not sure how to set it up in the source dataset so that the oneway streets we have are recognized.  I've looked at some examples, and they seem to use an attribute field that is text, and use either T, F or TF or FT as the descriptors.  However I'm confused as to how to actually set the up in my dataset.  For example, if you're traveling on a road to the W of the oneway, and the oneway street only allows traffic going from W to E, I would assume the value in the attribute field for that street should have a a TF (you're going To the East From the West).  However, the same could be true for a oneway street going from the E to the W if you're on the street to the E of that one. 

Anyone have some tips / tricks or guidance on how to set this up properly???