Sub workflows and extended properties on child jobs from parent

Discussion created by fraserhand on Aug 3, 2011
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Hi There,
I'm using WFM 10 SP2 and have the following questions based on the fact that we want to do as much as possible through configuration rather than customisation.
We have a massive create job, design and build workflow which is one encompassing workflow with several sub processes within it.
1) I can't see how you can embed a workflow within another, so we are using child jobs to simulate that - is the correct way of doing this?
2) when creating a child job, I need to set certain properties based on values from the parent job - I can't see an easy way of doing that - I have found a execute SQL custom step - but I can't exec SQL against the prop tables as I need to be able to generate an OBJECTID. What's the best way to approach this?