Not impressed.....

Discussion created by trudnick on Apr 7, 2010
I've used the ESRI web site since it first went live, and I cannot believe how tough they have made it to find anything. You cannot do a search for something in the new forums, because you get no results found even if you enter a search term that is IN one of the new postings.

The old forums are extremely tough to get to, which is a shame since I use these at least once or twice a day to refresh my memory on something in ArcObjects or to check and see if someone else has had issues with AGS, etc. I'd like to be able to do a forum search on ANY of the areas, not have to narrow it down to Desktop or Server and THEN start my search.

And I am not clear on why the documentation results go to v.10 or v.9.4 when this version of the software has not been fully released???

Hopefully this will all get ironed out soon, but it SHOULD have been ironed out before the new website was forced on us.