Convert geographic units (decimal degrees) to meters

Discussion created by dshats on Aug 2, 2011
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My application uses ArcEngine 10.0. The spatial reference of the data is  WGS84 Geo.
I need to calculate the distance between objects in meters. For this purpose i use pe_geodesic_distance function from pe.dll.
I need to perform queries "find all objects in 100 meters distance and azimuth 45 degrees" also.
For converting meters to map units (degrees) i use pe_geodesic_coordinate function from pe.dll.
I define the center point of calculation and find another point in given azimuth. After this action i calculate the distance in map units (degrees) between two points (simple Euclidean distance).

If i convert some distance from meters to map units and reverse (even if i define the same start point  and azimuth) i get different values of input and output.

Am i wrong when i use simple Euclidean distance while meters->degree conversion?
Did anybody implement something like this?

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