How to add a WFS to ArcMap programmatically

Discussion created by ellmenreich on Aug 2, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2012 by TomLUX
i'am searching for a way to add a wfs to ArcMap by ArcObjects. Unfortunately theres no example or help. I found out that in 9.3 exist a class FMEWorkspaceFactoryClass using the Interoperability Exentension but in 10 it doesnt exist anymore.

In 9.3:
IWorkspaceFactory factory = (IWorkspaceFactory)new FMEWorkspaceFactoryClass();
IFeatureWorkspace workspace = (IFeatureWorkspace)factory.OpenFromFile("d:\test", 0);
IFeatureDataset fds = workspace.OpenFeatureDataset("name.fdl"); 

In 10 maybe i can use the Data Interoperability toolbox, but this only export the data but wfs is a dynamic datasource like wms. Are there any other way's or  would esri plans an own (not fme) plugin with a api.