gp.buffer for lines

Discussion created by hajasw on Jul 29, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2011 by hajasw
I am using arcscripting with ARCGIS 9.2

I am trying to figure out gp.buffer for linear features.

For points I can use:  gp.buffer('inPoints.shp', 'outCircle.shp','150 meters').  Everything seems to work.

I can't see anything in the documentation that says lines should be different.  However if I use gp.buffer('inLines.shp','outBlob.shp', '150 meters'), I get 'Unspecified Error'.  I have tried every variation on the syntax that I can think of.

With the GUI, I have been able to apply a buffer to a linear feature.

Am I supposed to be able to apply gp.buffer to lines?  Do I have the syntax wrong?

Any suggestions are appreciated.

Wayne Hajas