Some questions on developing a plugin for ArcGis 10

Discussion created by gdx on Jul 28, 2011
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we want to write a small application to support our course at the Humboldt University Berlin.

The goal of our application is to provide a possibility to the students to exchange their data in an easy way. To facilitate this we programmed a backend in RubyOnRails which stores the data and a webinterface to search this data by some metadata like position, author, topic and so on. The backend allows uploading arbitrary dataformats (e.g. zip, jpeg...)

Now we want to develop an ArcGis plugin wich allows the students to upload their data directly from ArcGis to the backend via http(s). An here we have a few questions:

  • What would be a good starting point for devekoping such a plugin? Is there a "Hello World" turorial that perhaps also describes how to parameterize a plugin with data provided by the users.

  • Is there allready a function like "Export Project" in ArcGis? We searched for a feature to export projects/data from ArcMap to hand that over to another user or computer; but didn't find it :(

  • Wich language would be a good choice for the plugin? We need some support to upload via http, so we probably can't use Python.

Thank you for your help.

some computerscience students.