Attachements in a Map Service with Identify?

Discussion created by a.schaefer-esri-de-esridist on Jul 28, 2011
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I want to view the attachments of my feature in the JS-API. But I see a gap between the provided samples and the functionality I want to have.

My JS-API application shows several map-services, one of them has an attachment. I have implemented an Identify on all visible map-services, showing the results in a table (not with popups because I needed to have a robust, conservative interface).

The identify doesn't show attachments, even not the info if a feature has an attachment.

The samples in the JS-API use the attachment functionality only in editing scenarios, with the Attachment Editor widget (and there inserting/deleting attachments is solved really trivial. I played around with that and didn't find a way to make it read-only, except hacking the css). Also, you need a feature-service, which I can't do and can't provide.

So, based on my map-services: Which way should I go to view attachments? Is there a path in the JS-API to get to my feature with attachments?

One possible way for discussion:

But it's a lot of implementation to do and you have to dig deep in the identify functionality until any response is shown in the interface. Also you have to access the REST-URLs by hand.

Do you know any better solutions? Any implementations how you did that? Did you ever used an additional feature-service that you asked for that?

I appreciate any help and discussion on that topic (and don't bother about my implementation with the tables, because it's also missing for the standard identify widgets). For me it's a missing link to the standard identify in an ArcMap session (where the attachments are listed simply in the identify). Providing the access only with feature-layers and in an editing-workflow is a bit to short, I guess. So: Any idea to get to a workflow for that would be really helpful for all, I hope. :)

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