Troubleshooting Layers Disappearing on Zooms

Discussion created by JBurall on Jul 27, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 18, 2018 by JBurall
I am using AE Desktop Build 1700 on several computers which pass the system requirements check.  I have about 10 layers of water & wastewater (manholes, lines, hydrants, valves, etc.) in a fgdb, added as .lyrs and saved in the .nmf.  The data is not complex, not a geometric network.  I have cleared caches, simplified symbols and removed groups, folders, and layers trying to fix a problem I experience on mulitiple machines of one or more layers not updating after a zoom.  For example, sometimes the layer does not draw but its labels do, or, sometimes a layer will remain thick and fuzzy (not refresh at the new scale) though other layers refresh.  I set various scale depencies ArcMap where I created the layers, but not for layers to turn off when zoomed in!  I have about ten other layers such as parcels, district bounds and address pts also saved in the .nmf. The extents of my local data (not the base maps) are only about a couple square miles.  Can you give me some ideas for troubleshooting?