Add from file doesn't add anything

Discussion created by majeHTG on Jul 27, 2011
I have recently upgraded to ArcGIS 10 and have been increasingly frustrated trying to migrate my customizations.

When I try to add a command or tool using the "add from file" on the customize dialog, the classes are recognized and appear in the "Added Objects..." box but when I click OK, nothing is added to the commands list. It appears for a moment as if it is adding something as the items in the list are bumped down. But all it actually does is temporarily duplicate one of the existing category labels then quickly removes it.

Please note that I am using Visual Studio 2008 Express which does not include all the options available in other versions of Visual Studio 2008. For example, I can not create an installer.

Also, I have tried running ArcMap 'as administrator'; it made no difference.

I will greatly appreciate any help with this issue.