Can't View Tiff Images In Arc To Use Them  :(

Discussion created by lauren49 on Apr 7, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2019 by georgekipp
I need help... hopefully soon.   :(   We have a folder that has PNG files, TFW files, and TIFF files. The PNG files we have no problem viewing in ArcMap and ArcCatalog, but the georeferenced TIFF files and their associated TFW files cannot be viewed. We tried to see them in ArcCatalog but we can only see the PNG files, but we can't use these PNG files because they contain different data. We tried to see the TIFF files in ArcMap as well - tried Adding Data, tried adding a Picture, and even tried using the "Raster to Other Format" tool. In each case when we search for the file we can see the PNG files but not the TIFF files. We can see the TIFF files in windows explorer and they can be opened in other programs such as Surfer and Picture Viewer, so we can't figure out why Arc can't see them. We've used georeferenced TIFFS in Arc before. We don't know if there was a problem with unzipping the original folder (if they were zipped to start with), and since we were sent the data we don't have access to the original data. Any help with this this would be greatly appreciated as we need to work with this data soon. We are using ArcView if that makes any difference.