app.config files not included in ArcMap Addin project

Discussion created by steven.colby on Jul 22, 2011
The standard configuration files (app.config and dll.config) which are created by the Visual Studio 2010 "Settings" editor in C# are not being included in an ArcMap add-in project.

Steps to reproduce using ArcGIS 10.0 and Visual Studio 2010

* create a new ArcMapAddin project
* create a new Windows Forms application
* in the Forms project, add a Settings file (RMB on project / Properties / Settings tab)
* add an Application (not User) setting - this causes the project's "app.config" file to be created
* reference the Forms project from the ArcMapAddin project

Build the solution and look in the ArcMapAddin project's output directory - it has copied the Form project's .exe and .pdb as expected, but it forgot the "exe.config". 

I get the same behavior when referencing a ClassLibrary (aka .dll) project from the Addin [remember that as of .NET 2, ClassLibrary projects can have their own "dll.config" files].

Can anyone reproduce this behavior?  Thanks!