Utility Network Analyst: What am I doing wrong?

Discussion created by metaverse on Jul 21, 2011
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I'm using the Utility Network Analyst to perform a simple trace.  When I use the option to return results as a drawing (graphic), the trace performs as expected and I see results.  However, when I change that option to return results as a selection, it doesn't return any results at all.

Is there some basic setting that I'm missing on this particular MXD which is preventing ArcMap from return the results as a selection?  All the layers are set as selectable, I'm in an editing session.  All participating features are "Enabled", the "Ancillary Role" is set correctly (as indicated by the fact that I am getting results with the graphic results option).

It's driving me nuts!

I've tried every logical permutation in the Utility Network Analyst toolbar options.  Can anyone think of a reason why results won't be coming back as a selection set as expected?

Using ArcMap 9.3.1, ArcInfo, Geodatabase contains about 25,000 features altogether.

Thanks for your help.