Converting to Add-Ins :: What about extra config files?

Discussion created by davidrenz on Jul 21, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 21, 2011 by jeffhamblin
In our previous AO Extensions, we have a series of xml config files that we deploy as part of the installation. These config files hold things which helped the various tools in the extension with things such as available layers, some data settings, etc.

As part of the distribution of the Extension, I would build an MSI to create the necessary registry settings (for persisting user customizations, etc) and installation folders (for things like config files).

As part of moving to the Add-in model, I am wondering if I can package config files somehow. Each tool in the toolbar generally has a config file.

How should I be handling this in the new Add-in stuff?
Is there some way to use the Config.esriaddinx file as a tool to point to config files?
Should we be keeping config files in the same directory as our add-ins?
What is the best practice on this type of workflow, given the new Add-in manager stuff?

Since there is no longer a need to create an installer, I am not sure how to deploy these support files.