Distance Analysis: One point to many (specified) points

Discussion created by grif126 on Jul 21, 2011
I'm working on a geocoding project. I'm geocoding "cases" and their sexual partners. Once I have my cases/partners as points, I'll need to find the distance between each case and his/her "x" number of partners. I thought about doing a point distance analysis, but it appears that I can only specify the radius, and I need to specify which points belong to each case. I also want to use a multiring buffer so I classify partners as near/moderate/distant.

Basically, I want an output table that has the distance between each case and the "X" number of partners. It'll look like this:

Case A to Partner 1A = ?
Case A to Partner 2A = ?
Case A to Partner 3A = ?
Case B to Partner 1B = ?
Case B to Partner 2B = ?

Could someone please provide this GIS beginner with some advice? This could get complicated, as some cases may share partners.