How to calculate "Statistics" into a new field

Discussion created by johancz on Jul 21, 2011
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I've come across this problem in model builder:
I have a polygon FeatureClass (FC) of cities, and table related to that FC (containing occurences of names by cities) in a many-to-one relationship (one city has many records from the table) and I've built a model, that:

- first of all, makes a query table from the cities FC and the related table, selecting specific records and exporting the resulting polygon FC into geodatabase.
- then aggregates these cities by Dissolve tool to a higher level of municipal hierarchy (NUTS2, NUTS3...) BUT:
  After the "Make Query Table" tool, I can summarize the occurences of chosen name by simply clicking on the field "name_occurence" and choosing "Statistics" I understand that. But is there a way how to add THIS number into new field to the table? Each record would have a new field named like "Name_total" and it would be the same number for all records... This is need for further calculations and it would be used as a constant in a formula...

I know which tool calculates such statistics, so when formulated in another way:
   How can I populate a new field within my FC with the result of "Summary statistics" tool upon  
   that table with the "name_occurence" field?

Thanks in advance for any help...