Versioning - Restore a table row with its former used ObjectID

Discussion created by Jastro on Jul 21, 2011
Hi Community, Hi ESRI!

I have a problem with versioning and hope to find the answer here.

My  Scenario:

In our application it can happen that the user creates a conflict between two versions. This is usually detected during the reconcile process. After this, a  window shows the user the list of conflicts with three kinds of solve methods. The user chooses the solve method and clicks "Solve now". Our application stores the conflicts with their solvekind (ENUM) in an observable collection.

Thats where the problem begins. We use a much bigger database model and we have a topology beneath which is connected within our application. When a user deletes a geo object there are more rows in other tables deleted as it would do in ArcMap by default.

So when we have an DeleteUpdate Conflict we have to restore more than the conflicted row itself. And thats my problem. The ConflictClass supports a method which is called "RestoreRow()", but this one is only useable when reconcile already know about the conflict. We have to restore a non-conflicted row.

To create a new row is no option for me, cause we need the former known Object ID and ArcObjects would create a new one.

My question is: [INDENT] Is there another way to RESTORE a tablerow with its former used ObjectID? Or is there a way to create a new one with an objectID given by me?
[/INDENT]Thank you very much for advice!

Jan :confused: