What's new with Network Analyst 10.1

Discussion created by jsandhu-esristaff Employee on Jul 20, 2011
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Welcome to the ArcGIS 10.1 beta!

Network Analyst in ArcGIS 10.1 has many new and enhanced features. Foremost is the support for Real-time traffic as well as enhancing all solvers to be time aware. Real-time traffic data can be rendered with beautiful custom symbology and solvers such as service area now have a start time to specify the time of day for which the traffic conditions will be used to compute the service areas.

In addition, Network Analyst has enhanced restrictions to support the concept of avoid rather then the absolute binary prohibited or allowed status.

The service area generation is now very fast with the support for using the hierarchy in the network and there are a number of ArcGIS Online services or ready to be published geoprocessing tools included in the Network Analyst toolbox. There are also more geoprocessing tools

The beta web site has a series of tasks that you can do to learn about these new capabilities.

Try out the new functionality and report your experiences, issues and questions here!

Jay Sandhu